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Mesa Labs Compliance and Validation Services

Mesa Labs announces Compliance and Validation Services by launching a redesigned website to better highlight the areas where Mesa services can offer the most benefit. Having been a manufacturer of monitoring and validation equipment for decades, Mesa is uniquely suited to offer calibration and validation services as well as being ideally positioned to help its customers maintain compliance.

Temperature Monitoring Systems for Blood Banks

Blood Bank Statistics

Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. Being so central to life, it’s no wonder that great precautions are taken to preserve blood after it is donated. Preserving this resource is paramount to any facility that collects, stores or utilizes donated blood as lives depend on it. The continuous monitoring systems from Mesa…

Mesa Monitoring

Mesa Labs Integration Update

As you know, Mesa purchased both the Amega Scientific AmegaView and TempSys CheckPoint Continuous Monitoring Systems (CMS) late last year. CheckPoint and AmegaView were built on quality products, service and support and that is certainly Mesa’s main focus as we continue to build Mesa Monitoring into a high quality service organization. Certainly with any integration there…

ViewPoint Stacked

Continuous Monitoring from Mesa

As you likely know, Mesa has recently acquired Amega Scientific and TempSys continuous monitoring solution companies. These companies offered systems that monitor temperature, humidity and other vital parameters within controlled environments. Mesa will be combining the best attributes of each system to create a new product offering titled ViewPoint. ViewPoint from Mesa Monitoring will be…